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For larger venues

For larger venues such as event tents, large warehouses, houses, business' that experience a/c failure or disaster mitigation, 10, 15, 20 and up to 25 ton units provide instantaneous and continuous, cool, clean filtered air.


Note: spec. do not include the maximum capacity of the room/space. Depending on the amount of people in the space, additional air might be required. Several units may be required or any combination of the units below described to get address any size tent. Larger capacity units require larger power needs that are usually supplied by a generator, depending on how many units you require to cool your space.

10-25 ton AC units.png

10 ton equates to 120,000 British Thermal Units (BTU) and it can cool approx. 15x15 up to 20 x 20' space/tents.  

15 ton equates to 180,000 BTU and it cools approx. 20 x 30'.  

20 ton 240,000 BTU cools 30'x30'.


25 ton 300,000 BTU cools 40'x40'. 

For smaller venues such as small rooms, offices and pop up tents that do not supply A/C, 1.5 ton 13,500 BTU and 2 ton 24,000 BTU are appropriately used for main source of cooling, supplemental  and spot cooling. Such units (see below) provide instantaneous and continuous, cool, clean filtered air without the cost of installation or operation. They also hold self contained water catchment to capture moisture in the ambient air. 


Note: 1.5 ton machines use house power, 2 ton machines require additional electricity loads. Depending on the amount of people in the space several units may be required to address your needs.

For smaller venues

classic plus 14, spot cooling.png

"Versatile and Instantly Ready"

The Classic Plus is the most versatile of our portable AC units. It is instantly ready to provide cool air in the hottest environments such as production lines, outdoor events, manufacturing processes, injection molding, metal forming and much more.

The unit features a  programmable temperature controller allowing us to "set" the desired temperature. At 13,200 Btu/hr of cooling, the Classic Plus 14 provides the maximum capacity possible operating on standard 115V, 15amps power. 


"Office and Server room"

The Office Pro 24 portable server room air conditioner is specifically designed for offices filled with heatgenerating electronics. Computer cooling is absolutely critical to prevent networks, communications and office equipment from shutting down when the temperature rises - crippling daily operations.


With a 24,000 Btu/h cooling capacity, this spot computer room air conditioner just cools the area or room that needs it - protecting your company's investment in equipment and customers. 

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